Ingress portal key management

Feby 8, 2020
ingress portal key management

ingress portal key management

Portal Key Management I wonder how other agents manage their keys, because I haven't found a good strategy yet. You want to put them away in a capsule, so you can farm more keys, but if a key is in a capsule you can't use it to recharge the portal, you have to take the key out.

I want to suggest two things for Key Management. 1.) Sort by XM - Aside from the exisiting Name and Distsnce sort choices, sorting by remaining energy will be useful for efficient Portal Recharging. The best way to sort this is based on percentage remaining rather than the amount of XM of the portal. 2.)

Portal key management is unnecessarily tedious So you can only get portal key from hacking if all your keys of that portal are in container. This is adding unnecessarily tedious micromanagement while not adding any real depth to the game.

Did you create some cool field art, make significant fields, or travel to somewhere interesting via Ingress. Post your situation reports, after action reviews, or just humble brags here.

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 · If you have a key to a Portal, AND it's aligned with your faction (=if it's "your" color), you can (1) recharge the Portal's resonators. If the Portal has all eight resonators and is not under a field and there are no links "in the way", you can a...

 · Manual key management: Keys on map-keys-on-map: Show the …

These capsules will hold up to 100 keys each, yet count as only one item in your inventory. There is a limit of 5 key capsules per player and they cannot be dropped, recycled, or traded. Portal Frackers Portal Frackers (aka "Frackers" and "Powerups") can also be purchased in the Ingress Store. They double the output of any portal for 10 minutes.

However, when you travel farther away, especially if you are gone for a longer period of time, things can be a little different. Here are some tips for playing Ingress on vacation, or while taking a business trip. Key Management. One of the first things you will find, is that your home keys are not very useful in …

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