Ingress innovator badge upgrade

Feby 8, 2020
ingress innovator badge upgrade

ingress innovator badge upgrade

I can confirm that the badge does NOT upgrade. I got bumped from level 14 to level 15 by getting a Plat Innovator badge. if it upgraded, then as a level 15, I'd get a black one and turn into a level 16. I did not. Which makes the innovator badge pretty darn useless, imo.

Aided Ingress Report's investigative journalist Susanna Moyer in 2016. ADA Aided ADA. ... Innovator - Ingress Year Two. Innovator - Bronze In recognition of your contributions during Ingress Year Two. ... Deploy Mods to upgrade Portals. Engineer - Silver Deploy Mods to upgrade Portals. Engineer - Gold

There is a new development with Innovator Medals. Ingress just published a challenge to unlock 3 new tiers of Innovator medal plus additional week of double AP.. Here is the challenge: On Thursday November 6 starting 9AM PT, we should tweet #Ingress in 7 words.

 · While looking up the list of available medals, I recently discovered the existence of the Innovator medal: "Innovator. In recognition of your contributions during Ingress Year Two. Extra Info - Given to all players who on the 15th of November 2014 were at least a certain level."

From version 1.35.1 release on the 12 of September 2013 , under the Agent tab in the ingress app, there is a section dedicated to badges. These are achievements normally with 5 levels to unlock (exception being the founder badge). To unlock each level a certain amount of times a certain must be done (capturing portals, destroying resonators, etc).

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But, the Innovator badge was a one shot deal, and for Level 15, and for everyone else who got Gold or lower Innovator, there was still the need to get that pesky 90 Guardian Portal, a bummer of a goal, because each time you lose it, you just have to wait. You can’t play any harder to make days pass faster. Enter Trekker and Engineer badges.

But then, Ingress started handing out badges like candy. I got a platinum Innovator Badge for free by being Level 13 on the day it came out. I also got Gold for several of the new Ingress badges by having already achieved the amounts before they were even invented. But, last summer, before all of this happened, I was going to need a Platinum ...

Unfortunately that medal was time limited with the related event dates. The level of the Innovator badge you've got at that time will never change. (Btw I'm the living proof of it; with the release of the new Spec Ops, Trekker, and Engineer badges I've just become level 11 and my Innovator level didn't change.)

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