How to make point ingress portal

Feby 8, 2020
how to make point ingress portal

how to make point ingress portal

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The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrigue and conquest.

Or have you run across a location that you think would make a good portal? Have no fear, we have you covered with how creating a portal and portal submissions work in Ingress! As of September 2015 there is a temporary suspension on new portal submissions while they continue to process and evaluate the backlog of current submissions.

Download the Ingress app and ask local in COMMS (like chat) if any possible players can submit a portal you have a good idea for. Look online for local Ingress groups to your region of either faction (try G+) and ask there. In either scenario, make sure you are suggesting GOOD portals and not just convenient low quality suggestions.

What is OPR? On May 11 2017, the Open Portal Recon tool became globally available to high Level Ingress players. The OPR is a tool intended to enable those players to moderate the in-game content and update the map frequently.. High level players review Portal suggestions using the OPR web application.Those Portal requests were earlier created by other Ingress players.

Ingress definition, the act of going in or entering. See more.

Jon, While it would be possible to implement some sort of reward for attacking portals that are a challenge, it is probably unnecessary. I spent about 3-4 days leveling up to level 2 through solo play, the game is designed to require some teamwork. level 2-3 has taken about the same time to level up, though I had some assistance from other players.

An ADA will flip a green portal to blue. A Jarvis will flip a blue portal to green. Costs XM 1000 × portal level to use. Ex: To use a flip card on an L8 portal, you’d need at least 8000 XM. Links are destroyed, but no AP is awarded. This is a one hour cooldown period before another flip card can be used on a portal.

A158: A place where members of the community can gather outside of their homes. A congregation point with something Portal worthy at the location. I don't understand the over analyzing of this topic besides people being unhappy that an apartment complex has a playground in the middle with a portal they can't access are upset about it.

I do not see a cohesive plan to make Ingress a viable game for Niantic, because the proposed changes will continue to drive players away. I do not see a company that understands that you can monetize a game to ****, and at some point, the number of players …

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