Agent cards for ingress

Feby 8, 2020
agent cards for ingress

agent cards for ingress

Ingress agents – Enlightened? Resistance? It doesn’t matter, we are XFAC friendly and encourage all agent to join the Academy. On our site you can find the latest news, show notes from the Agent Academy Podcast, videos and an up to date list of Ingress Passcodes.

A simple app for creating and printing out custom Ingress Agent identification badges. Set your codename and level, add your community logo and a QR code (e.g. a link to your community for recruitment), then print the page out and laminate it.

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Get some #INGRESS gear! Free items to help you level up. With these verified passcodes, you will have a full inventory in no time.

Welcome to the world of Ingress, Agent. The discovery of XM, a mysterious resource of unknown origin, has sparked a covert struggle between two distinct Factions. Choose your side and band together with Agents of your Faction to hold your ground, share resources, and explore this strange world.

Our LED Ingress agent cards and Pokémon GO trainer cards are finally ready for production. Proudly show your team colors and customize up to 6 different items on each card, choose wisely 🙂 …

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r/Ingress: **Ingress. The game** It's happening all around you. They aren't coming. ... What could differentiate Niantics cards from just going to your local printer and doing it? ... Something safe and generate income for them. Eventhough, I love agent biocards and all but the system it self seem a little lazy. No option for the new bio card ...

A flip card is an item which immediately converts a portal to the opposite faction.There are two types of flip cards: the ADA Refactor flips an Enlightened portal to Resistance control, while the JARVIS Virus does the opposite. Flip cards cannot be used on neutral portals, nor on portals which are already aligned with the target faction.

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